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Why Is Internet Dating So Popular?

Talk of allure! Online dating, or internet dating, has attracted millions of people worldwide in just a few years of existence. What’s the magic or power behind the phenomenal pull?

If 40 million plus people are doing it, then something is right. So, what draws people to online dating in such vast numbers?

Here are some benefits and advantages of Internet dating over traditional dating:
Volume: Perhaps the foremost advantage is the almost limitless supply of people online, all with one common goal: to find a date. The huge numbers of available singles improve the odds of meeting the Mr. or Miss/Ms. Right. And, there are always fresh “supplies” as new people continue to join dating sites.

No guessing (in most cases) as to whether the other person is available or not, as they wouldn’t be on a dating site if they weren’t.

Wide net: Online dating offers you the opportunity contact multiple prospects at the same time. After exchanging emails and/or phone calls you can determine which if any is worth keeping. If none, just continue your search.

Online dating eliminates the awkwardness of first introductions. The first encounter is always the hardest for most people, and getting over it makes the rest of the dating experience much easier.

Speed: Online dating is designed towards a fast and efficient initial contact. Once the contact has been made, you can slow things slowed down to find out if you have a match.

Convenience: For people who are busy, prospecting online is the way to go. It is open 24/7 and you can also spend the amount of time that is convenient to you.

Privacy: You can exchange emails and/or phone calls until you are comfortable enough to reveal more, or to meet in person.

Web video chat and conferencing option allows you to see and talk to the other person, making it an almost personal interaction. Sorry, there’s not yet a way to touch or smell the other person through a modem (hubbahubba).

You already know, to a reasonable degree, what your prospective date looks like as well as his/her age, height, education etc. Compare this to blind dating.

Low Cost: The cost of internet dating is far less than traditional dating which usually involves coffee outings, dinners, movies etc. on the low end, and cocktails, cover charges and having to put product in the hair on the high end.

If you haven’t yet tried online dating, aka internet dating, you should at least give it a try. Most of the reputable dating sites offer free trials. Who knows, the right person could be waiting for you right now!

Choose an Online Dating Service that Suits Your Individual Needs!

The internet has literally thousands of online dating services. These include:
world wide or global dating services to meet singles from any country, of any religion, and any ethnicity.

nationwide or international personals to find singles in your country.

Local online dating services to locate singles in your area

Interest based matchmaking services to locate people with similar interests

Ethnic dating services to meet people of a particular race, culture, or ethnicity.

Religious dating services to find singles with a specific religion.

Lifestyle dating sites to find romance with singles that have a similar lifestyle, such as gay and lesbian.

And hundreds more unique and niche match sites.

With thousands of internet dating sites, and new online dating services everyday, how do you find the right online dating service for you? Here we provide some advice and tips to help you find your perfect match for an online dating service.

Consider how what your dating goals are.
Someone just looking for fun and dating, and a few friends to go out with on the weekend, should not join a dating service that only brings people together for serious relationships.

For example, eHarmony uses sophisticated personality testing to match singles for love and romance, whereas, Americansingles has no testing, but lets members meet other members for friendship.

If you are very serious about finding your perfect match, make joining a site with in-depth testing (lifestyle, personality, relationship, intelligence, values) of members a priority. Sites with in-depth testing include eHarmony,, and Tickle.

See the Quick Search box on to find online dating sites that offer intelligence tests, relationship tests, value tests, personality tests, and lifestyle tests.

Pick an internet dating service to match your lifestyle.
When singles complete a profile to describe themselves, they often indicate their ethnic background, religious background, sexual preference, and other lifestyle and background information.

Some dating services, such as eHarmony, ask for an extensive list of background information, while others provide little of no background information; they rely on single men and women learning this lifestyle information through other means, such as email.

If you lead a very religious lifestyle, choose an online dating site that caters to your lifestyle, or has a large population of singles males or single females that match your lifestyle.

For example, if you want to meet and date single women over 50, don’t join an online dating service primarily consisting of young professionals, rather look for a site that caters to single women or single men over 50. makes it easier to search for dating services that match your lifestyle. Use our online dating service list (datinglist) to find singles with similar lifestyles, religious beliefs (Christian Singles, Jewish Singles), and ethnicity (African American Singles, Asian Singles).

You can also find singles with particular ages; for example, locate dating services that list college students.

Join an online dating service that has members with similar interests.
Don’t join a personals service that caters to cat lovers, when you dislike cats. Don’t join a dating service that caters to movie and television buffs, if you love the outdoors, sports, and stay active. Find dating sites that offer singles with similar interests to yours. The internet provide niche dating services for almost every interest.

For example, you can find online dating services to meet singles who love animals, meet vegetarian singles, meet fitness singles, meet singles with similar hobbies, meet book lovers, meet bike/car enthusiasts, meet coffee lovers, and many more. provides a dating list of similar interest dating services. Use this list to help narrow your search for the perfect online dating service. login
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